Breakfast with Chanel: an Overview of Paris Fashion Week 2015

Hello everyone! Long time no see! Anyways, it is currently fashion week in Paris! J’adore Paris! Est-ce que tu parles Francais? Haha I love the French language! I have been working on a project for my French language class that includes French fashion. I have been learning soooo much about fashion week, I really want to go! I have also been seeing some interesting outfits of the celebrity attendees! First of all, what are your thoughts on Kim Kardashian as a blonde?!? Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I personally think she looks like she belongs in the Malfoy family…

So anyways, Chanel had probably like the coolest thing I’d ever seen. They did a breakfast fashion show!!! My favorite meal of the day is breakfast and one of my favorite brands is Chanel! I think Chanel is one of the most inspirational women fashion designers. She revolutionized the dressing regulations and what was accepted for women to wear in that time period.

Chanel Breakfast Chanel Breakfast

One thing I am supper supportive of, was Chanel’s feminist protest! I think this was a very interesting and supportive movement. It was also sort of unexpected, but I loved it! Here is the link to the video: Chanel’s Feminist Protest

Every time I see a garment from Elie Saab I am simply amazed. The artistry captured in his gowns is phenomenal down to the details. I think he is a wonderful designer and I love seeing new things from him! His show at PFW 2015 was great. I loved this floral dress he showed because of its movement and fluidity. I also enjoyed seeing this lace number because of the details. Saab has a wonderful eye for color!

Elie Saab PFW Elie Saab PFW

Overall, I was really pleased with the beginning of Paris Fashion Week 2015! I love watching the live streams at, check it out! They also have pre-recordings of the shows! Let me know your favorite designer, tweet me @honestglamour!


Valentine’s Day Outfits!

Hello everyone!

As you know, one of the greatest holidays is coming up… Valentine’s Day!!!

Be prepared with one of these three stylish outfits, or all of them!

Outfit One

This outfit is great for a night out on the town. The v-neck line dress pairs great with a statement necklace. Since the dress already has a wonderful pattern, it is best to add neutral details that tie in with the pink so the look is not too monochrome. The taupe jacket, clutch, and shoes all match to bring in a third color. Adding a wrist watch and bracelets gives just the right amount of bling!

Outfit Two

This outfit will keep you warm and toasty, especially if there’s snow! The distressed jeans and tailored vest add a great contrast. Adding black and grey for the shoes and shirt makes the vest stand out more. It is always great to have a classic tote bag, just like this Longchamp one! The Hunter boots are also great for walking around because of the incredible traction their soles bring.

Outfit Three

This outfit is great for those of you in warmer climates! The cropped shirt and midi-skirt look nice together because of their color coordination. The shirt is the statement piece so to accent it, the hat is perfect! I also included neutral flats, (a great purchase!) and an envelope clutch to polish it off.

Thank you so much to Polyvore!! I loved using your online tools to create these three looks! The app is worth the download too.

Until next time, xoxo!

Black Friday Deals

So I didn’t actually go shopping on Black Friday 😦 but, I went shopping the Saturday after and there were still some great deals!


I went into Nordstrom not really looking for anything; but I ended up stumbling upon a great winter coat! I had been looking for a coat for a while but hadn’t found the right one. The coat that I bought was from the brand Coffeeshop by SantaFe NYC. I had not heard of the brand before, but if you are looking for great jackets, that would be the place to look! Their website is My coat was originally $88.00. I paid $55.00 for it! This was the last jacket on the rack so I was very happy to find it!

LuLu Lemon

I know I just did a review on this brand so I’ll keep it short: I walked into LuLu Lemon expecting not to find much because it was the day after Black Friday, I ended up finding racks of sale items! None of the sale clothing fit me very well, but I found a basket of socks in the back and each pair was only $9.00! Their socks are very high quality and padded to fit your feet. I also like the sweat resistant fabric that keeps your feet dry!

LuLu Lemon Review

A while ago I purchased a pair of LuLu Lemon shorts and a shirt. I would like to share that I loved both of the items. The shorts are great for running because they have a small pocket on the back that you can put your phone or I Pod in to run. The shorts are called the Speed Short and I purchased them for $58.00. The back of the shorts also feature vents for breathability. They are very easy to move around in and fun to run in!

Run: Speed Short*Block-It

The shirt that I got is super comfortable! It is no longer available 😦 but I have found that the Breathe In tank for $52.00 is very similar to the top that I purchased. I think that the shirt is great for yoga because it is very easy to move around in. The shirt features a light built-in sports bra that allows skin to breathe. The bottom also features an adjustable waistband.

IMG_1934 IMG_1932

Overall, I am pleased with the LuLu Lemon products that I purchased. I also recommend their headbands because they are great for keeping thick hair out of your face! The LuLu Lemon brand is very nice and all of their clothes have held up very nicely. I have to add though that I think their products are quite overpriced. You can buy most of the stuff at other stores for Less than half of the price. Most of the products I buy at LuLu Lemon have been on sale because they cost less that way.
I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

Free People Review

Recently, I was out shopping at a boutique called Down 2 Earth and I happened to stumble upon some Free People clothing! Free People is one of my favorite brands because their clothes are so comfortable. I purchase the Waffling Around Cardigan (Free People $128) and the Mermaid Lace top (Free People for Down 2 Earth $98).

The Waffling Around cardigan is super soft! It is great to pair with dresses, skirts, jeans or leggings. I wore mine with a pair of J. Crew jeans (J. Crew $125.00), a plain white tank top, and Doctor Martens (Dr. Marten for Journeys $124.99). My cardigan looked great paired with these clothes.

IMG_1966 IMG_1964

My Mermaid top looks super cool! Although it looks like more of a summer top, it can be paired with leggings and a comfy cardigan to suit you for winter! I would wear it with black leggings (BP for Nordstrom $18), a white tank top, and a Marshmallow Cardigan, which I have yet to purchase, (Free People $128).

IMG_1961 IMG_1960

In general, I love everything that I have ever gotten from Free People! I recommend this brand because their clothes are cute and comfy!

Thankful for Fashion

Pies, turkey, gravy, and much more! We are so thankful for many things in our lives, but do we remember to thank fashion? Looking back at the year, many great designers have presented us with new concepts and beautiful clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories.

This year’s New York Fashion Week brought many great designers. Here is a mash-up video of  a few great shows:

One of my favorite designers to watch is Tory Burch. She always has something interesting and classic out on the runway. Here are a few of her spring looks!

Tory Burch NYFW 2015 Look2 Tory Burch NYFW 2015 Look3 Tory Burch NYFW 2015

Project Runway Season 14 brought us a new designer who I am very thankful for! Sean Kelly was the winner of Season 14 and put on a great show at NY Fashion Week. I enjoyed his collection, but my favorite piece of his is the red carpet look he made for Heidi Klum during episode 5. This look took fringe to a whole other level. I am not a huge fan of fringe when it is cut wide with cloth fabrics. Sean made his fringe work because he used a thin type of fringe that really popped against the contrasting color. The blue and black pair nicely together in this outfit because they are the right shades of color. He really made it work with this outfit!

Sean Kelly

This year, we have a lot to be thankful for fashion-wise!

Vineyard Vines Review

Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt purchased on for $98.00
Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt purchased on for $98.00
Close-up of Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt
Steve Madden ballet flats purchased at DSW for $39.95
Steve Madden ballet flats purchased at DSW for $39.95

I am completely obsessed with my Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt! All of the clothing that I have bought from Vineyard Vines has been very durable. Their clothes are super cute and preppy! I think that the Shep Shirt is great for many occasions. I wore mine to a bowling party and styled my pink Shep Shirt (Vineyard Vines $98.00) with black leggings (Nordstrom BP $18.00), two Alex and Ani bracelets (Alex & Ani $28.00), and black flats (Steve Madden for DSW $39.95). Although clothing form Vineyard Vines can be a bit pricey, it is definitely worth the price!