Breakfast with Chanel: an Overview of Paris Fashion Week 2015

Hello everyone! Long time no see! Anyways, it is currently fashion week in Paris! J’adore Paris! Est-ce que tu parles Francais? Haha I love the French language! I have been working on a project for my French language class that includes French fashion. I have been learning soooo much about fashion week, I really want to go! I have also been seeing some interesting outfits of the celebrity attendees! First of all, what are your thoughts on Kim Kardashian as a blonde?!? Being a huge Harry Potter fan, I personally think she looks like she belongs in the Malfoy family…

So anyways, Chanel had probably like the coolest thing I’d ever seen. They did a breakfast fashion show!!! My favorite meal of the day is breakfast and one of my favorite brands is Chanel! I think Chanel is one of the most inspirational women fashion designers. She revolutionized the dressing regulations and what was accepted for women to wear in that time period.

Chanel Breakfast Chanel Breakfast

One thing I am supper supportive of, was Chanel’s feminist protest! I think this was a very interesting and supportive movement. It was also sort of unexpected, but I loved it! Here is the link to the video: Chanel’s Feminist Protest

Every time I see a garment from Elie Saab I am simply amazed. The artistry captured in his gowns is phenomenal down to the details. I think he is a wonderful designer and I love seeing new things from him! His show at PFW 2015 was great. I loved this floral dress he showed because of its movement and fluidity. I also enjoyed seeing this lace number because of the details. Saab has a wonderful eye for color!

Elie Saab PFW Elie Saab PFW

Overall, I was really pleased with the beginning of Paris Fashion Week 2015! I love watching the live streams at, check it out! They also have pre-recordings of the shows! Let me know your favorite designer, tweet me @honestglamour!


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