CMA Best and Worst Dressed

Last night at the Country Music Awards there was quite the variety of outfits. Some were stunning, and others left a lot to be desired. Let’s take a look at how I’ve graded them!

Miranda Lambert and Meghan Trainor: F

This outfit was not one of her best for sure! The bright blue color of the dress came off as cheesy, especially with her large star-shaped earrings. It is hard to see in this picture, but the one side of the bust is covered in black fabric and has a row of buttons on the side. This detail made it look almost like a waitress dress. Her shiny red shoes did not match the dress at all!  The hair and make-up was okay but really missed the mark for me.

As much as I love Meghan Trainor’s music, her dress was way off last night! The pink and camouflage print did not look good paired with the black tulle coming out of the bottom. Her black and edgy shoe were no match for the girly shape of the dress. As much as I love a good leather jacket, this outfit had no need for one. I think the outfit is overdone and did not suit the event.

Brett Eldredge: A

I could not complete this post without evaluating some of the fantastic menswear at last night’s awards! Brett really hit the nail on the head here. His bowtie reads off as classy and matched the polished suit perfectly. The sharp suit jacket was wonderfully accessorized with a watch. Sometimes simple is the best way to go!

Kacey Musgraves: C-

As much as I enjoyed Kacey’s performance, her outfit was terrible. The sparkly fabric looked like a disco ball when the light hit it. I also disliked the glittery cuffs around her arms, I think the dress would be better off without them. Adding mesh portions to the dress was a good idea, but on this dress there is too much being revealed. In this outfit, Kacey’s hair, make-up, and shoes saved her.

Carrie Underwood: B+

Despite being pregnant, Carrie Underwood managed to pull off some great looks last night. Out of all of her dresses, I liked this one the best. It looked stunning on her and you couldn’t even tell that she was pregnant! The empire waist complemented her figure and the dress had a perfect amount of bling. The look was finished off with some effortless curls and strappy heels. Brad Paisley was also looking pretty good on that stage!

Cassadee Pope: A+

Wow, wow, wow! This dress looked wonderful on Cassadee Pope! The simple black top controlled the sparkle in the bottom half. Her necklace perfectly complemented the dress. Her hair and make-up matched the look very well to create a beautiful overall look. Good job Cassadee!

Those were quite the outfits! Which one was your favorite?


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