Black Friday Deals

So I didn’t actually go shopping on Black Friday 😦 but, I went shopping the Saturday after and there were still some great deals!


I went into Nordstrom not really looking for anything; but I ended up stumbling upon a great winter coat! I had been looking for a coat for a while but hadn’t found the right one. The coat that I bought was from the brand Coffeeshop by SantaFe NYC. I had not heard of the brand before, but if you are looking for great jackets, that would be the place to look! Their website is My coat was originally $88.00. I paid $55.00 for it! This was the last jacket on the rack so I was very happy to find it!

LuLu Lemon

I know I just did a review on this brand so I’ll keep it short: I walked into LuLu Lemon expecting not to find much because it was the day after Black Friday, I ended up finding racks of sale items! None of the sale clothing fit me very well, but I found a basket of socks in the back and each pair was only $9.00! Their socks are very high quality and padded to fit your feet. I also like the sweat resistant fabric that keeps your feet dry!


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