Free People Review

Recently, I was out shopping at a boutique called Down 2 Earth and I happened to stumble upon some Free People clothing! Free People is one of my favorite brands because their clothes are so comfortable. I purchase the Waffling Around Cardigan (Free People $128) and the Mermaid Lace top (Free People for Down 2 Earth $98).

The Waffling Around cardigan is super soft! It is great to pair with dresses, skirts, jeans or leggings. I wore mine with a pair of J. Crew jeans (J. Crew $125.00), a plain white tank top, and Doctor Martens (Dr. Marten for Journeys $124.99). My cardigan looked great paired with these clothes.

IMG_1966 IMG_1964

My Mermaid top looks super cool! Although it looks like more of a summer top, it can be paired with leggings and a comfy cardigan to suit you for winter! I would wear it with black leggings (BP for Nordstrom $18), a white tank top, and a Marshmallow Cardigan, which I have yet to purchase, (Free People $128).

IMG_1961 IMG_1960

In general, I love everything that I have ever gotten from Free People! I recommend this brand because their clothes are cute and comfy!


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